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The Irish Whip Site Links

Make sure to stroll on over to my good friend Jason's site "The Ultimate Blog" where he discusses...well, I'm not really sure what he discusses, but it's irreverent and much funnier than my site.

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Take a look at our fantastic MMA resources, including a site telling you where you can go to watch all the UFC events that my mom-uh, I mean...your mom won't let you order from home (Joe Hand Promotions, in case you were wondering). We've got the links like Affliction Clothing and Red Dragon Fight Company which help me look like I could maybe, possibly, sort of beat someone up just because I have a "Chute Boxe" logo on my shoulder. Recently though, I've been ordering from which has awesome deals and tons of stuff to choose from. I recommend the Rampage walk-in shirt from 71. I must warn shoppers, however. Do NOT order from Solis Company. They sent me the wrong size and then didn't answer emails or phone calls. I call shenanigans. Of course, all the MMA blog favorites are here, including, UFC Junkie, UFC Mania, and UFC Media. At last but not least...Sherdog. Enough said.

The WWE links on our site cover a wide array of needs, catering to both the obsessed and relaxed fan. Many of the links, such as We Are Wrestling or Let's Wrestle, are similar to The Irish Whip in that they do cover news but try to focus on opinion and analysis. Others, including No DQ and Wrestling Attitude, offer fans a more straight-news style approach to their daily wrestling intake. Some of the links are merely features that we found to be interesting (1oo Top PPV Matches) and some are the essential links for any devoted fan (